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Capturing  your emotions and create breath-taking images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Continue reading to check out why I love to take your pictures and my motivation behind the camera.

Hi! I’m a  professional wedding photographer offering an exciting mixed style of professional wedding photography that I hope you would like and enjoy. This area of my website is where you can explore the style of my wedding photography and Portrait photography, while getting a better understanding on how I photograph weddings, portraits and events.  Also you could get to know why a professional lifestyle photographer in Essex loves taking pictures of people.

The above menu is briefly described below, so that you could learn more about my profile. Please read through all of my pages and get a better understanding of the person behind the camera and why I am the right wedding photographer in Essex for you.

You probably won’t need any help to navigate around this website, but I’ll help you, just in case.

The Home button as you guess, will take you back to the front page, where you started off, and you can also get here by clicking the logo.

There are two sub-sections within the section Portfolio – Weddings and Portraits. The sections are presented for you to have a look at my wonderful pictures. If you are a client looking for password protected images, please contact me.

The next section is Prices which has two menus, one for wedding prices and the other one for portrait and lifestyle prices. Within these menus you will find a multitude of price collections to suit your budget.

I have created an info menu, so that you can read all about me. Also, there is a menu for training for the ones who wish to learn more about cameras and the craft. I have also added a section for couples about to get married with helpful tips and advices to make your special day a great one.

Next is the contact menu, this is an easy one where you can contact me anytime via a mail or telephone.

Last but not the least, my photography blog, I hope you will enjoy reading about some of the exciting events and story’s I have seen and captured through my lenses.

If you have any questions regarding the service I provide as a top wedding photographer in Essex, or the style I use to capture professional pictures, or even if you need to know about my availability, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope you will have a great time exploring my web site and enjoying the photographs and my style of creative photography that I practise in the UK. I look forward to hear from you to discuss your requirements and any other relevant information.

When you first start planning your wedding and researching prices you may think that a photographer comes with a hefty price tag, we only do one day’s work a week  or our job is a simple one.  well think again. Being a Photographer I will meet with you for an initial consultation, I will then have email with you before the wedding, I will listen to your plans and answer any questions, in some cases acting as an unpaid wedding planner.

Then on the day of the wedding I will be with you for 10-12 – 14 hours. After this I will edit your wedding pictures, going through all of the images I took and Editing  it down to around 300 images for you to look though. All these images will be edited individually, this can take anything from 4 days to a full week.

After this I will design your wedding album for you which will take a day or two. Not only the time there spending taking and editing pictures, their is also the cost of running my photography business. Being a Professional wedding photographer  is the cost of running my photography business. I will shoot with 2 cameras each costing thousands, as well as a back-up camera in case anything goes wrong. I will carry a multitude of lenses each costing hundreds of pounds, some thousands, flash guns, video lights, spare batteries, memory cards amongst a whole host of other technical kit.

I will pay for insurance, and transport and hotel fees for those weddings further from home. All in all wedding photography isn’t cheap because it isn’t a cheap but I have keep prices as low as I possible can for you.

Professional wedding photographer

I hope you enjoy looking though my website and can get an understanding of the pricing structure taking into account the above.


Thank You.