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I am a professional photographer in the UK specializing in Traditional, Creative and black and white photography. Most of my commissions are weddings in London, Essex, Kent, and the South East of England.

Born in London, Essex, I am familiar with many of the wedding venues, as well as fantastic, iconic locations. My preparation schedule means that I always speak with the event coordinators at your venue before your special day and always attempt to visit any new venues beforehand. I always work with an assistant so that you have my undivided attention throughout my time with you.

The camera is a tool, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity for me to sculpt and capture moments in time for you. Whatever style of photography you prefer: contemporary, reportage or traditional photography, you will find my approach to your wedding day, appealing.

There are main ingredients just like in recipes that make your wedding photography interesting and successful. Intuition – being able to read the story before it has happened and knowing what and when things are about to happen. Spontaneity – being a creative photographer, I am spontaneous sometimes and let things flow as they unfold. All of these things come with experience – seeing the full picture and the surroundings before clicking the button.

Having the ability to listen and understand you as a couple, talking things before your big day, and most of all, knowing all the details and the plan of your day, will help me to provide you with the images you need.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. You know how important it is to remember all the details of your special day and how you want to look back on the memories and the feelings with your partner. That is what I want my wedding photography to do for you – capture the moments and stop time just for the second. I love creating pictures that not only represent you as a couple, but also that give a distinct creative outlook about you and will document your wedding day in the most flattering way

What are you looking for in your pictures.

This an obvious one, but enjoy the day! A stressed or unhappy bride and groom don’t make for good photos. Weddings can be stressful, but remember that the only important thing on the day is that you’re there to marry each other.

When planning your wedding, if the photography is important to you on the day, make sure you allow plenty of time for the formal family and friends group images as well as portraits of you and your husband/wife. These pictures that are more creative take time and it’s wise to consult with me about how long to allow. Also, it’s often nice to take some time out during the wedding to have intimate pictures of just you and your partner as newly weds, away from the hustle and bustle of it all. This gives you time to breathe and spend a bit of time together while settling yourselves before going back to all of your family and friends.

Try not to scrimp on your London wedding photography  budget.

The photos are the lasting memories of the day, and so many couples are left upset and disappointed because they chose a cheap photographer who didn’t capture the emotion of the day and missed all the important moments. A professional photographer like me will also have invested in the best kit and will put in the time and effort to make sure your wedding photos are incredible – and this includes hours of post-processing to really make them shine. Cheap photographers will just ‘shoot and burn’ – giving you flat, dull, unedited photos. You should put aside at least 10% of your wedding budget for the photography.

London Wedding Photographer portfolio.

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