Being a creative wedding photographer

I’m am overcome with beauty and details sometimes.

Weddings are truly beautiful events; they are expensive with lavish expressions and personalities of couples, beautiful colours, and talented wedding vendors. It is a day full of positivity, happiness, and genuine love

I’m astonished by all the little wedding touches. You spend months and months and thousands of pounds on every detail to express your love for one another at one grand gathering. Being a professional wedding photographer in UK, there are many responsibilities that I bear on that day and it’s important for me, to capture the major events of the day as it unfolds i.e. the ceremony, dad walking the daughter down the aisle, the exchange of rings, the first kiss as a married couple.

As a creative photographer, I have to make sure that all these are captured as it is a record of your day. All of these events are very important segments, but what we cannot forget about are the little things, like the name cards, flowers or the programs, that you put a great effort and broke rest just to make sure that they are ready on time. All these are a part of my photography session on that day.

Sometimes it is not easy to capture every little creative detail of the event, but I do my very best for you. There are times during the day where I get some free time. I make maximum use of that time to capture creative pictures of the little things you put so much effort into to make your day special such as, shoe’s, jewellery, makeup, hair. All these matter to me as this is your day, the flowers in the church or the arrangements on the tables are little things that you have spent time and money on and are reminders of your special day.

I like to tell my clients the story of ‘the little details that matter’, because a wedding is truly a once in a lifetime event and what I offer as a creative wedding photographer is my style & approach, it  can best be described as a low-key, minimally invasive mainly documentary a story-telling one but with the option to capture a few essential group and family pictures and of course a lightly directed exclusive bride & groom session

Of all the things that you buy for your wedding, what I capture for you will outlast them all. The food will be consumed, the cake goes away, the suite returned and the wedding car is a distant memory, the wedding dress will be with you for years to come but the wedding photographs of your day, will outlive all and will be handed down to the generations to come.

My photography is about creativity, beauty, emotion, fun, glamour, drama and most of all love. My aim is to provide you with totally unique images that are as individual as you and the day you have planned.

I’m not just taking photos that capture the special memories of your day; I’m preserving your family history that will be looked upon for generations to come. To be able to capture some of that, in a beautiful creative way, feels like the greatest honour for me.  If you have a story in your life you’d like photographed contact your creative wedding photographer by using the menu above.