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 I always strive to produce beautiful, evocative pictures that stand the test of time. Imagery  is very subjective, thus all the following is my opinion as a black and white wedding photographer. What is it that appeals to me so much about black and white wedding photography and why is it such a good medium for wedding photography?

My passion for it comes from my long standing background with film photography; it was the time when I was found slaving away over enlargers and trays of chemicals, dodging and burning to get the best image I could.

A black and white picture somehow captures the emotion and feeling of an event; while colour sometimes seems to merely document or record it. I am not saying that colour images are wrong as colour portraits have their own benefits, but sometimes the colour in a picture can be a distraction and move the focus away from the true subject being captured.

With black and white wedding Pictures you will always get a timeless and ageless look and feel, something that will never date or go out of fashion. As mentioned above, I have nothing against colour Pictures; in fact I love them, but only when used in right places.

Since black and white photography is very close to my heart, I offer a unique black and white wedding collection at a discounted rate of 10%. Black and white pictures don’t refer to simply taking a colour pictures and converting those to black and white. There is a lot of work involved in getting the tones right.

It takes a completely different approach when photographing a wedding in black and white. Shapes, forms, texture and light and emotions, all of these aspects guide the viewer’s eye through various points of interest in the picture. Without the distraction of details in colour, the eye is lead to faces and expressions – to the real emotion of the day – and this is why they are often such powerful and memorable pictures for my clients.

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Black-and-white photography is preferred for documenting emotional moments. The fewer colours your eyes have to process, the cleaner and easier an image is to absorb when viewing. The result? The subject shines through!

Black-and-white images help you focus on the features of a subject and bring the mood into focus. Use it to capture important, intimate moments such as the kiss and the first dance. Black-and-white can also help mask skin imperfections because shades of grey can’t record the blotchy red irritations that inevitably pop up on this stressful day. Put this knowledge to use and ask for black-and-white coverage as you get ready. You’ll be able to look back and remember all the great details of the day, The buttoning of your dress, a stolen glance in the mirror, the silent sweep of a makeup brush, without remembering that red blotch on your face! Save the colour for the final moment when the gown, the hair, and the makeup are all perfect. to put it simply Black and white wedding photography is timeless. It allows a form of expression that can be both dramatic and subtle within the same photo. The key to creating beautiful black and white imagery is the use of light. Bright sunlight can make for high contrast photos. You have to be careful how you use this, it can overpower a photo. The use of shade can balance between the highlights and shadows as shown below.


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London Photographer Timeless Black and White Photography

How much you want is very much up to you.

Very occasionally I meet couples who don’t want any black-and-white pictures – what you have is tailored just to you.

You can view a mixture of black white and colour wedding images.

If you’re looking for a black and white wedding photographer, I’d love to hear from you.